Ways to push meter readings into Hubitat?

I have Bulb Energy as my electricity and gas supplier here in the UK. One of the nice things they allow is automated export of current electricity and gas meter readings into SmartThings via the Chameleon IHD6 in-home display they supply, which connects (via Zigbee, but let's not get into that right now) to my SMETS2 smart meters.

Unfortunately, SmartThings is the only option, so I cobbled together a little applet to export those readings as they come in to some webhook endpoint. I currently aim the output at a server which processes the readings for whatever services I'm playing with at the time and bounces them on.

The obvious question is whether I can push these values into Hubitat in some way?

The readings are reasonably frequent at around one reading per minute for electricity and every 20 minutes or so for gas, in kWh. I'd like to have this fired into Hubitat somehow, ideally with monitoring of the rate of usage, though it might be a little coarse for that. Maybe generate a graph or two... you get the idea.

As this is all cloud based anyway I'm not bothered if it needs to pass through other services like IFTTT or similar, but their SmartThings integration has no option for a simple "value received" so far as I can tell. Or I could write some data wrangling code to deal with such things...

Ideas greatly appreciated! :nerd_face:

You are sending this to the server how? HTTP GET or POST? You could shoot it at your Hubitat's HTTP monitoring port. Then create a driver that parses that data for the Hubitat. An example of something doing something like this is the Ecowitt gateways (like @anon81541053's or mine).

Hi @andydvsn - did you ever get anywhere with this?

No, I didn’t, but I should look into it again. The main trick will be getting the meter readings back in to my network, as the IHD only fires out to SmartThings.

Though... hmm, I wonder why I didn’t consider this before - maybe I can just look into the integration of SmartThings. Curious again now.

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I am trying to figure out something similar. Since the geofence does not work well at all in the hubitat app, I need to send a http request to the hubitat to set a variable saying I left.

I can use a server here to basically monitor for my phone on the network. when it goes off the network send a http req to the hubitat to change a variable's status. Just no clue how to do that in the hubitat.

@andydvsn - I realise this a very old post, but I'm interested in this. I reckon I can do the bit to get the data in to HE. I've been working on trying to get energy monitoring working, and have managed it for electricity, (and possibly water) but not for gas.
Unfortunately I'm with Eon, and it looks like moving to Bulb might not be the best idea given they're in receivership.
Do you know the full data flow - you mention the Chameleon IHD6 (we have an IHD2, but I can pick up an IHD6 from ebay pretty cheaply) - my understanding is that this connects to my meters via zigbee, but my supplier gets the consumption data direct from the meters via the mobile network.
Is smartthings getting the data from Bulb (in the same way that the Loop mobile app does for e.g.) or is it coming via the IHD6 (that would have to connect to your wifi, and bridge the data that way?).
I have an ST hub, which is sitting in a box of bits having migrated everything to HE, but I can resurrect it potentially.



As I understand it there are two SMETS2 modules, one on the gas meter and one on the electricity meter. The gas meter module I believe has a long-life (10 year) battery and only communicates with the linked electricity module. I have no idea if that's Zigbee chatter or something else. The electricity module does all the heavy lifting because... well, electricity. :wink:

Your supplier receives your meter readings via the DCC network, which I believe is accessed through the usual GSM mobile service. I would guess this is one reason 2G mobile data is sticking around in the UK, while 3G is already being phased out.

The IHD6 does indeed communicate over Zigbee with the electricity module and ordinarily will do nothing but show you cumulative and real-time data locally. It does also connect to my WiFi network and in the early days it was possible to link the IHD6 to SmartThings. I don't know if this is still a thing, I honestly haven't looked into it again since I got the thing years ago.

However, I wrote an export plugin (?) for SmartThings to push that data back out to a service called StatHat and it's still working, so I guess maybe it is?

There's also the Bright app from Hildebrand which I hooked up to the DCC some time ago. They're a registered DCC "Other User" meaning they are allowed (with your permission) to access the data sent from the SMETS2 modules directly from the DCC, including historical data.

I can see usage on the app and with their combined IHD and CAD (Consumer Access Device) it could make all that available over MQTT... which honestly I don't have much experience with and their IHD was out of stock for a long time, so I don't have one. Though I do see they're available again now. If the IHD6 + SmartThings integration ever dies, I'd probably pick one up.

Thanks - I've managed to install the "Bright" app - works for elec, though not for gas (will chase that with our energy supplier). I'll go down that route to start with!

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