Ways to deploy motion sensors?

I just got a few Hue motion sensors and I'd like to sprinkle them around in the house; effectively of course.

I've got some of the low hanging fruit covered with motions: pantry, walk in closet, powder room, breezeway, front and rear exterior. Still have more that could benefit.

Have a couple of relatively wide open spaces: basement, 30'x30', and 3-car garage (maybe 15x30). I',m thinking 2 for the garage 'cause of the cars, but I wonder if I could get by with only one for the unfinished basement.

Somehow I've got to get the living room, kitchen and bedrooms involved (if only to justify my purchase). I'm thinking those contact weight pads could come in handy to not turn off the lights when relatively motionless while watching TV, or the like.

I've seen examples here of a motion with a barrel overlayed on the sensor on a staircase. That might be a good one because it's usually pretty dark at the top of the stairs.

Any ideas, or best practices, or whatnot?

Use the TV as a restriction to keep the lights on.


The hue sensors aren't amenable to this treatment...

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Like with a power sensing plug?

I monitor power on the TV and a few motion sensors to turn off lights downstairs when the TV is off and there’s no motion.

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Power sensing plug or tv integration. I use the Samsung tv integration and a zooz power strip.

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Hmmm. We do have a Samsung TV.

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