Wayne Dalton WDHA-12R Home Link / Zwave bridge

Has anyone been able to get a Wayne Dalton WDHA-12R to pair and work with Hubitat? I'd really love to get this device to work. It would be very nice to be able to push a Home Link button in my car and trigger a scene or event in Hubitat. Thanks for any info.

Here's a link to the device on Amazon:

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I actually have a homelink button set up in my car to activate my arrival "routine" in my HE setup. What i purchased was one of these:

(it's currently listed as unavailable but any 315 mhz receiver will work, like this one)

I think wired the output from that receive to a contact sensor. You can use any contact sensor that has external contact wiring available. Then, using the remote that was included with the receiver, I programmed by home link button in my car. And voila! Whenever I press the button in the car, the contact reads as open. I can use this as a trigger in RM. Not a direct answer to your question but it is an alternative solution that has worked well for me. And this has worked for home links in 4 different cars, 2 chevys, a ford and a subaru.

Thanks for the reply. I'll check it out.

One of the guys on the SmartThings forum had a pretty good write-up on the limitations of the Wayne Dalton device. My recollection is someone did come up with a pretty complex hardware hack. Suggest searching that forum using the device name. If more comes to me I will add . . . It was a long time ago.

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