Way to turn on iPad screen via Hubitat

Does anyone know of a way to wake-up an Apple iPhone with Hubitat?

I have several old iPhones that I am thinking of using as mini-dashboards instead of some of my Wink Relays that are slowly dying... I plan to use the Hubitat dashboard or a kiosk app if I can find a good free one...

Currently, I am able to turn on the screen of my Wink Relays with Simple Lightning - I’d like to do the same on an iPhone if possible...

This works for my Androids... Have you tried plugging into a smart plug and toggle power?

My wife has a couple of old iPhones and would like to do the same. Do iPhones have protection against overcharging? For my Androids, I use battery level as state trigger in Tasker app to turn off plug when battery hits 90% and back on when it drops to 30%.

Haven’t tried that, but I like the idea! I’ll give it a go to see how it works. I suspect it will bring me to the Home Screen though, requiring a button press. Some testing for the afternoon! :slight_smile:

I think they do, but they are not expected to be always plugged in, so I think doing this will end up killing my battery. That said, they can be bought pretty cheap, so if I need to replace it later on to use it as a phone again, I can just get one on e-bay...

I think I read somewhere that the iPads have built in kiosk mode that can be enabled to save the battery, but I don’t think it is available on the iPhone...

You can do this with the Fully Kiosk app (there is a community driver that allows you to turn the screen on/off, change brightness, start the screen saver, etc). I didn't use it on Apple products... so please check... but it works fine on an Android tablet I'm running a dashboard on. Fully Kiosk is a paid app but it's not that expensive and you can move the license to a new device in the future so I think it's good value for money.

Thanks! I don’t see Fully Kiosk on the AppStore, so I suspect it is an Android only app... :confused:

Ah, sorry about that. Yet another reason to dump your iPhone and come across to the dark side :smiling_imp:

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LOL. I’ve owned an Android phone for all of 1 day before I returned it. As much as I like to tinker with Hubitat and my PC, I like my phone to just work. :wink:

Also, when I update phones every couple of years, I just restore the backup and I’m done. I like that...

But now I have a bunch of old phones that neither my wife or kids want, so I figure I would make use of them...


Thats 1 more day than I have owned an Apple device. I like me able to have more control of my devices, especially using Tasker. :grin:


:point_up: this!


Confused. My Android phone also "just works". It also runs Fully Kiosk :wink: which is the answer to this thread's question :grin:


Hehe... If there was a version of Fully Kiosk for the iPad / iPhone, I would use it, but I wasn’t able to find one... :slightly_frowning_face:

I thought of purchasing a Fire Tablet, but I would rather use hardware I already own...

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This thread needs a good meme.

And i think it's been demonstrated, in this case, the iPhone don't just work! :grin: No Tasker?!?! No Fully Kiosk Browser?!?! :grin:

I have just put an IPad Screen (running HomeKit) in someone's house. The HomeKit devices are reflections of the Hubitat devices via Tonesto's excellent bridge (Homebridge V2).
However, I'd like to know how to turn on and off the IPad at various times.
I know that I can replace the outlet that it's powered by, but if there is some sort of an app, I'd rather use that.
Does anyone know an IPad app that will turn on/off at certain times?

We have iPads used as point of sale tablets that have been plugged in for 5+ years with zero issues. My garage iPad has been plugged in for about 3 years and my iPad mini used for geompping has been plugged in for 2+ years. idevices won’t overcharge.


I buy iPhones and iPads because I want (just) one thing in my life that I don’t have to maintain. I got my first iPhone in 2008 to replace a palm pilot and a Razr phone. The bonus to me is i can lose, destroy or have stolen my iPad or iPhone and from 8am Mon - 7Pm Sunday I can find a store anywhere in the world and purchase a new device. 30 min later, it’s an exact clone of the device I replaced, with only my user / password needed. To me that’s priceless.


I don't think that's unique to Apple anymore? When I shattered the screen on my last Android rendering it useless, I had a new one the next day from Amazon and by swapping the sim card & using my Google account, was able to update new phone to match my old phone. Or, I could have gone to nearest Walmart or Best But and bought a new phone. Plus i bought my current unlocked Moto G7 for less than $200 and I am not locked to a carrier. That's a lot of money left over to spend on home automation stuff. :grin:

Yes, it works across most android now I believe, but to me it’s not worth any amount of money to disrupt the easy workflow across Apple devices IRT apps and integration / communication with other family members. It’s probably just a perceived value. I have iPad minis on my motorcycles and ATVs as cellular nav devices and just the ease of sending a route or land plot that updates across devices without interaction is huge timesaver for me and the kids / grandkids when out on Offroad adventures.


That's awesome! I have to admit my wife's old iPad (she got from employer) is in a lot better shape than my old Samsung tablet that's same age. That probably says more about Samsung though. :smiley:


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