Way to edit existing rule's Activation settings (current)?

I have an existing Room Lighting rule and want to change the rule's Activation settings current. Is there an easy way to do it beyond recapturing the curent settings?

As you can see the BS1, BS2 and BS8 (current) settings are purple. I want to change this to white so my rule can restore the lights to white rather than purple after the action has taken place.

The rule changes the lights to purple when someone come to the front door to alert us. After 30 seconds the lights are meant to revert to the state they were in before the triggered event.

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

It sounds like you are asking for what the "Re-Capture" button does. What is the reason you don't want to use it?

Maybe this is the reason? If you don't want to re-capture the whole thing, you can edit individual devices. To edit the individual devices, click the setting in the table that you'll want to modify. In your case, it sounds like you really want color temperature (CT) instead of color (RGB). So you might need to do two things:

  1. For each device that is purple, click "RGB" and change it to "CT"
  2. In the "CT" column (that will appear after doing this), provide the color temperature you want, often something around 2700 or 3000 for a warm white (the unit is Kelvin).

If your devices are RGB-only, you can click the little rectangle of purple to modify it to whatever color you want. An unsaturated shade of most colors will end up being white with many bulbs, perhaps slightly different shades depending on which "base" color you pick. But this is normally not as good as CT if your devices support that mode.

Note that "activation settings current" isn't quite what this says. The title of this half of the table is "Activation Settings." The "(current)" part means that the current values/states are displayed in parentheses (after the saved activation settings). This can be helpful to know in some cases, notably if you are re-capturing the settings. But you cannot change those without changing the devices themselves; that's what it's showing you for this part.


@bertabcd1234 Thanks for the reply. I was hoping there was a way to alter the current settings of a select light rather than having to recapture the whole scene, then have to re enter all the settings for when the rule is triggered.

It would be great if we could edit the current settings in the same way you can edit the settings for when the change is triggered i.e. just click on the setting you want to edit.

For me the (current) state is not the current state of a light but is the state when the rule was setup/captured.

If I am missing an easy way to edit one light's (current) state please help :slight_smile:

Thank you!

You can. The current states are pulled from the device. Change the device and they change here (you cannot edit them here--that doesn't really make sense since they are effectively read-only). In your case, maybe activate the "scene" so everything will be as set, then adjust the devices you want to be adjusted in real life and re-capture? Or, again, just manually edit the few you want.

It sounds like something may be wrong with your devices or driver. Leave the app out of the picture and look at the device detail page for each device. Does "Current States" update as expected? If not, what driver ("Type") are you using, and what is the brand and model of these devices? In particular, if they are Zigbee devices, does running "Configure" help?