Watts between value for 30 seconds, switch off

I feel pretty creative on this, but would like to see if there is a better way to do the below rule.
I have an Enerwave ZW-15RM-PLUS set as a Zooz Outlet in HE. My case is that I want to prevent my Well Pump from burning up if its running without Water for some reason.

When well pump isn't running, it sits at 0 Watts. When well pump is running properly, it is over 900 Watts (usually between 1000-1200watts). When it runs without water, it is usually pulling around 700 Watts.

I cant just shut off switch when i get a report of watts between 100 & 900 Watts because it ramps up from 0-1100 over about 5 seconds, so one rule would shut it down when its working properly.

I have two virtual Switches "Virtual Well Issue 1" & "Virtual Well Issue 2".

I have my first rule evaluate if the plug reports any value between 100&900 watts. If this rule is true, it will set "Virtual Well Issue 1" to On after 30 seconds.

I have my second Triggered Rule fire when "Virtual Well Issue 1" is set to On. It reruns the same rule and if its still true, it will Trigger my second virtual switch and Send notifications, ring siren and turn off Power to Well.

Anyone else have ideas for an energy tracker that will factor Watts, Time, or total energy used within a set period.

I don't think you need the second triggered rule. If you add the "Cancel on truth change" option to the 30 second delay, you can send your notification and shut off the switch from the True actions in the first rule without needing the second rule or either of your virtual switches.

The way the "Cancel on truth change" option works is that when power first enters the specified range and the rule becomes true, actions are schedule for 30 seconds from that point. If the power falls out of the 100-900 watt range during the 30 second delay (making the rule false), the scheduled notification and switch shut-off get canceled. So it basically means only send a notification if power stays in the 100-900 range for 30 seconds.

Also, your phone number is visible in your second screenshot. You may want to blur it out for privacy's sake.