Water valve actuator for this type of valve?

Anyone know of a zigbee or z-wave valve actuator that would work in HE with this type of water valve? Most seem to be for the single arm ball valves. Any suggestions would be appreciated - thanks!

Could probably (maybe??) get the Zooz Titan to fit that...

Edit: The more I look at it, the less I think the Titan would work on that valve actually. Not sure though, and don't have time to pull the manual.


That said, I would replace the valve with a standard quarter turn (and add a bypass around it while paying for a plumber anyway).


Thanks for the info Jason - just curious - what specifically would the bypass be for? I'm just trying to think under what circumstance would I ever want to bypass this main water valve into my home. TY!

That looks like CPVC. I would be very hesitant to put any device that generates substantial torque while moving on CPVC.

If the valve actuator gets stuck and is difficult to move. This is more of an issue with inline automated valves than those with external actuators.


If the automatic valve fails shut/in place or starts leaking from the bonnet or a fitting, you can open the bypass around it and fix it without having to shut off the water to the building. It is a "nice to have".

And I didn't say it, but a bypass is only good if there are block valves on the main valve as well to isolate it so it can be pulled/replaced.


I own the Titan and do not think it would be possible to have it work with that PVC valve. That said, you can buy a sharkbite "push to connect"-style valve and either replace the pictured one or install it with the Titan up or downstream from this one depending on what your setup looks like zoomed out. For scale, the picture below is on a 1" water line and the distance between the outer edges of the Titan's clamps is ~7". No, I have no idea what caused the yellow staining on the Titan - I must have had something on my hands when I installed it since it looks slightly handprint-ish.