Water Supply shut off for the RV

For the RV, we go from a hose bib to a water pressure regulator to a water filter to a hose to the RV

Is there a Smart valve that can shut off the water somewhere along the line when needed?

Any "normal" smart valve product would potentially work, but would need some special consideration.

Does your RV have a weather-protected area where the water connects to the rig? If yes, i might try the following..

  1. Buy a basic 3/4 inch ball valve (lead free) from the hardware store. Get the one with NPT connections.
  2. Find some fittings. I would think a short nipple, a coupler, and an NPT-Garden hose thread adapter for each end of the valve would be a good start. Whatever you get, you'll want male hose thread on one end and female on the other once assembled.
  3. Mount a zooz titan on your DIY valve unit. Jam it into a protected area in your rv and connect in inline with your water supply. Power as needed.

There may also be "smart" irrigation valves from companies like Orbit or Rachio, but I highly doubt that they would be approved for drinking water. Continue at your own risk.

Is there a shutoff ball valve inside the house you could attach a Titan valve to?
I have mine water the hanging baskets at 7 every morning.
There's a Y connector on the hose bib.
In case I want to use the hose bib for something. I flip the valve on the Y connector so that the plants are getting watered.
I used a ZEN34(?) battery powered switch to turn it on and off manually. I have it arranged so that one push is good for 30 minutes and three leaves it on.

Sorry to say, no shutoff ball valve, the hose goes into a control center where I can select to fill the fresh water tank or use city water in the RV

I may have to get creative as @dylan.c suggested inside the storage door just before the hose connects to the control center. Will take some creative plumbing but it might work

Thanks y'all


I was visualizing some other irrelevant scenario.
This is RV, on the road, etc.
Sorry about that.

I believe you can spec out a Titan with a 12v battery backup for its usual 5v source too.
Maybe that would figure in your plans too, somehow.