Water Shut Off Valve Not Available for Automation in HomeKit

I have a Dome Z-Wave water shut valve that is exposed to HomeKit from Hubitat. I can turn it on and off in the Home app, but I can not use it in an automation within the Home app. I am trying to use my Aqara water sensors to turn it off when a leak is detected, but the valve is not available when creating an automation in the Home app. What could be the cause? Is it an Apple thing?


Why not do your automation within Hubitat?

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Well I have the Aqara sensors and would like to use them, but they will not join Hubitat. Hubitat sees them as a Zigbee device, but they never join. Have tried with several different Aqara sensors several times.

I have had six Aqara SJCGQ11LM 's paired with Hubitat for nearly five years. These devices require a custom driver. Did you have a custom driver installed before pairing?

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I did. In fact I tried two different ones. No luck. Which driver are you using?

I am using the @veeceeoh driver that can be found in the following link in which the author also details the pairing process. The driver is no longer supported but still works well for me.

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Thank you. I will give it a try.

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