Water sensor that dries fast

I use ST water sensors, and I put one under the drip pan in my furnace to detect an overflow. But sometimes a little water escapes from the coils and could cause it to trigger, and this ST sensor takes many hours to dry out…. if occasional drops keep escaping, it might continue giving wet status continuously. Others already noted it’s too low to the ground, clearance of about 2mm….also, the bottom sensing pins are too close to each other, 2-3mm apart, and I’m concerned at some point the dust will blow in between them and cause it to trigger.

What can you recommend with these features:

  • raised a little higher from the ground to dry faster
  • with more space between the pins
  • needs to report dry with no delays once it’s in fact dry
  • Needs to be a single piece compact sensor, not the one with a wire like the Utilitech (which does have bigger longer pins, but just too cumbersome to install)

thanks in advance.
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If Z-Wave is an option how about the Fibaro Flood Sensor?

Or, if you're handy with a soldering iron, solder something on the bottom of the ST one to make it higher, maybe a couple of short pieces of copper wire in a V shape to spread them out a bit?

Fibaro is still quite low on the ground based on pictures. It does have the pins far apart though so that's good. Utilitech has 5-6mm long pins, that's the kind of ground clearance I'd like to have to get enough air flow down there.

Would like to avoid any soldering TBH.

I would raise the sensor so it will not trigger on spurious leaks, but will notify you if enough water has escaped to mean there is a real problem.