Water Leak Messages?

These logs are from a later time.

Just leave the leak sensor this way for a day and check later on the Zigbee details page whether the number of the Zigbee messages is less than the rest of the leak sensors.

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I greatly appreciate your help. I will update in a day or two.

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I'm curious - did you re-pair the sensor? Or just change the driver?


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Remarkable reduction in messages from my leak sensors. I only updated half of them to compare. See for yourself. The battery % reporting seems to have corrected as well. Kudos to @kkossev

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Much happier with these message numbers. I have to expect that this will reduce the load on my mesh.

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The only problem so far is the battery percentage reporting. MOST of the time, it appears to be correct. However, some of my water sensors are as below.

Maybe reset and repair them to the hub using the standard driver. I have these same sensors with same firmware and have never seen anywhere near that many events from mine.

I did re-pair them with the new "no temp" driver and that cut down the messages by 100x. But now I am getting variable battery readings on many of my sensors. Some of the battery readings are >100.

The “no temp” driver uses a different battery reporting method IIRC. You would likely have cut down on the reporting just by repairing them with the regular driver and wouldn’t have the incorrect battery reporting. Something must have messed up their configuration to cause the crazy reporting.


But wouldn't that take me back to my original problem.....temperature messaging > 6000 per day?

Probably not - pairing with the (no temp) driver seems to have effectively disabled the temperature reporting.

Are you suggesting that repairing with the original driver would have stopped the temperature reporting > 6000 per day?

I have 4 of these same sensors paired with the temp reporting driver and they report between 10 and 30 events per day (30 under the dishwasher where there is greater temperature fluctuation). It seems logical that something went wrong with their configuration for you to be seeing thousands of events per day. My Linkind water sensors use the no temp driver and have all reported 15 events per day for the past 5 days.

I'll give a couple a try and report back.

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