Water Cooler jug level monitoring?

WE recently installed a water cooler where you install a 3 or 5 gallon water jug in the bottom of the cooler. It works by placing a cap connected to a siphon over the mouth of the jug and pumping water out. Does anyone have any ideas for how to monitor the leverl of the water in the jug (other than opening it up and looking)?


not sure what type you have but ours Oasis Coolers | Aquarius Bottom Load Bottle do have a little amber led that flashes when the bottle is "empty" with usually just about a cup or so left

sounds like you're looking for something more sophisticated though

Oh durp. To be honest it is entirely possible this has something like that. I do have German blood, why use the built-in system when you can over engineer a solution to do the same thing? haha. We haven't even gotten to bottom of the first bottle. Guess I should wait and see what happens first!

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