Washer / Dryer

I know there is tons of info when searching for this solution but I will ask anyways.

What devices are you guys using to detect when a washer and dryer has finished washing or drying?

I use an Iris smart plug for the washer and monitor power and for dryer I have a SmartThings multisensor that senses vibration from the dryer. I have an electric dryer that is 240 so multisensor was my cheapest option.

I use this app and made a few modifications to accommodate my multisensor vibration.

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One consideration is a smart plug (with sufficient amperage) and energy monitoring capability. Example (there are others): HS-110.

  • Limitation: Normal household current (US 120 V)
  • Amperage: 15 amp max per HS-110
  • Hubitat Integration: "[RELEASE] TP-Link Plug, Switch, and Bulb integration"
  • Special Setup: In preferences select one minute refresh interval.
  • Accuracy is average 30 seconds and maximum of 1 minute (based on refresh interval).

This plug only solution usually works for washers and electric dryers. In US, that is normal US wall plugs but NOT the 220 V plugs used for all-electric dryers.

I have a gas dryer. I’m not sure how much electricity the motor uses.

I want either z-wave or zigbee.

look at the wall plug. Is it standard? Look at the size of your circuit breaker panel. Amp of breaker?

I use zigbee power monitoring plugs - works really well. I use Samsung SmartThings outlets (F-OUT-US-2), but any power monitoring outlet should work. Here's an example of the rule that I use:

My dryer rule is similar.

To give credit where it's due, I might be mistaken, but I believe I copied a rule provided by @ogiewon.


Will a version 3 work? Says only 12amp.

It would work fine in my setup - the max draw I've seen is about 10A for the washer and much less than that for the dryer.

I currently have two solutions for monitoring washer and dryer.

My original solution uses an Aeon HEM v1 Z-Wave device, running a ported and slightly modified driver @mike.maxwell originally wrote for SmartThings. This has worked well for many years. The driver actually generates button pushed events when either the washer or dryer finishes a cycle, which I use as triggers in RM to send notifications.
Here is the Hubitat thread...

I also have more recently installed an IoTaWatt.com whole home energy monitoring solution. I wrote an integration for Hubitat which allows me to monitor the individual circuits for the washer and the dryer. I then use RM to notify when the proper sequence of events is detected as @aaiyar mentioned above.

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Any suggestions on a z-wave plug that monitors power to?

I’ve seen the aeotec plug but they want 89 Canadian for it.

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So I just purchased two of these.

Do you have these rules in rm4 yet?

Here is my Dryer RM4 rule. Washer is basically the same, except for the power threshold. You'll need to figure that value out for your specific devices to prevent false alerts.


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Sweet thanks.

So basically you just leave these plugs always turned on. Do you have a rule to turn these on in the event they are turned off?

In my specific case, I am using an IoTaWatt.com device, wired into my circuit breaker power panel, to monitor the power of the washer and dryer circuits. So, I do not have smart outlets to worry about.

Why not do
Power level is less then

Cancel delayed action

End if

Because you will get a continuous stream of notifications as the power value bounces around below your threshold. The rule above will only send one announcement per laundry cycle (but could be tweaked to repeat the notification a few times if desired.)


The Zooz can store the state and recover in the event of a power failure.



I look forward to getting these zen units.