Washer / Dryer

I use zigbee power monitoring plugs - works really well. I use Samsung SmartThings outlets (F-OUT-US-2), but any power monitoring outlet should work. Here's an example of the rule that I use:

My dryer rule is similar.

To give credit where it's due, I might be mistaken, but I believe I copied a rule provided by @ogiewon.


Will a version 3 work? Says only 12amp.

It would work fine in my setup - the max draw I've seen is about 10A for the washer and much less than that for the dryer.

I currently have two solutions for monitoring washer and dryer.

My original solution uses an Aeon HEM v1 Z-Wave device, running a ported and slightly modified driver @mike.maxwell originally wrote for SmartThings. This has worked well for many years. The driver actually generates button pushed events when either the washer or dryer finishes a cycle, which I use as triggers in RM to send notifications.
Here is the Hubitat thread...

I also have more recently installed an IoTaWatt.com whole home energy monitoring solution. I wrote an integration for Hubitat which allows me to monitor the individual circuits for the washer and the dryer. I then use RM to notify when the proper sequence of events is detected as @aaiyar mentioned above.

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Any suggestions on a z-wave plug that monitors power to?

I’ve seen the aeotec plug but they want 89 Canadian for it.

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So I just purchased two of these.

Do you have these rules in rm4 yet?

Here is my Dryer RM4 rule. Washer is basically the same, except for the power threshold. You'll need to figure that value out for your specific devices to prevent false alerts.


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Sweet thanks.

So basically you just leave these plugs always turned on. Do you have a rule to turn these on in the event they are turned off?

In my specific case, I am using an IoTaWatt.com device, wired into my circuit breaker power panel, to monitor the power of the washer and dryer circuits. So, I do not have smart outlets to worry about.

Why not do
Power level is less then

Cancel delayed action

End if

Because you will get a continuous stream of notifications as the power value bounces around below your threshold. The rule above will only send one announcement per laundry cycle (but could be tweaked to repeat the notification a few times if desired.)


The Zooz can store the state and recover in the event of a power failure.



I look forward to getting these zen units.


So far working good.

Did you leave all the default settings alone on your unit ?

I'm also utilizing the Zooz units for my washer/dryer notifications. I leave them on all the time and have them configured to turn on after a power failure. They've served the purpose quite well. I'm also using them to track the changes in my incoming voltage to the house. Was somewhat surprised by the variability, nothing too significant(4-6v), just surprising.

I'm using a rule based on ogiewon's rule above that has been tweaked a bit to turn one of two accent lights on when either the washer or dryer is running. Blue is when the device is running, changing to green when complete, finally turning off 2 minutes after complete. It'll also send a notification to the phone of whoever is doing laundry. (Thank you ogiewon, this has provided for a high WAF. My previous attempts had been less than perfect.)


You're most welcome! Glad to hear my laundry rule has helped.


Probably my last kick at addressing the problem once and for all, arrives in a week. My 220v washer refuses to act like a normal washer and shake all over the place :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve had good results from using an Aeon v1 HEM, with this driver, but not perfect. The phantom notifications are disappointing. It’s my machine, not the Aeon HEM or the driver. It fluctuates between 5 and 18 watts just sitting, but it’s lowest running wattage is 17 watts!

Things I have tried:

  • Aeon HEM v1 with Mike Maxwell’s excellent driver for laundry monitoring that @ogiewon so kindly ported to HE for us. I’m now using that for my microwave and I plan to use it for other appliances.

  • Xiaomi vibration sensor and the SmartThings 2018 Multisensor.

  • A Wyze cam inside the machine to try and track movements of white square painted on the drum belt.

  • Tapping a contact sensor directly into the washing machine controller board. That one got a little bit too scary, in that I don’t want to shell out $400 for a new controller board if I screwed it up.

  • Sense Home Energy Monitor. The most expensive attempt to date at $430 CAD. While I don’t regret that at all because I learned Sense is awesome, the fact is that their support staff suggested it would never be able to discover my machine because of its nature of extreme high energy efficiency, so I returned Sense before my window closed. But Sense is possibly one of the best energy monitors you can get, and I do plan to revisit it someday. It also showed me that with this Aeon v1 HEM driver, my existing device is actually very accurate for the overall energy consumption readings when I had both the Sense and the Aeon CT clamps on the incoming legs for direct comparison. I noticed in my few weeks with Sense, that overall consumption was what I was mainly looking at anyway. I have since purchased another Aeon V1 HEM for just $75 CAD to monitor my overall usage data.

Things I have yet to try:

  • Homeseer HS-FS100-L (fingers crossed). Others have had good success with this, so I’m hopeful once again. The top cover of my machine comes off with just two screws, and you can see the running light illuminating on the inside of the machine. So I’m hopeful I can mount the light sensor next to it on the inside, so I don’t have to have this ugly wire and sensor outside the machine. Needing to do that would almost cover the start button because the light is just above it.

  • A microwave motion sensor. This is a long-shot, and to get one with the Zigbee or Z-wave integration is fairly expensive for me in Canada. But to get one that simply closes contacts is not, so I could potentially connect a contact sensor to one of those, and maybe it would sense the drum belt turning. I could actually do this for less than the cost of the light sensor, but I’m getting kind of tired of messing around with this. I just want to solution that works perfectly.

Out LG washer and dryer both have wifi alerts, and surprisingly useful as tied into Google home (or Alexa). Will have to work out how to integrate this in Hubitat.

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