Washer Dryer Rules Help

I have two separate rules, one for my washer, and one for my dryer, that monitors the power and alerts me on my google home devices when the cycle is complete. Neither rules works as intended as im not getting notifications on my devices. I also validated that Hubitat is able to output speech / text onto my devices. Im using zooz power outlets connected to both devices. How can I get this to work? I had monitored the individual devices for their power usage while the washer and dryer were on and thought that a good trigger would be if the power changes and falls below 7. When the devices are on standby and not in use the power shows as between 1 and 2, but when in use jumps to 40+

I use the Better Laundry Monitor app, works great for me. I think this is the version I am using...

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Here is one of the two RM rules I use for laundry notifications. Maybe this will help. Credit for the simplicity of design of this rule goes to @bertabcd1234.


If you are wanting to debug your rule, a couple of suggestions would be:

  • Post a screenshot of the rule like @neonturbo has, although, given this was your first post you may not be able to...
  • Turn on all the logging options in the rule setup screen, actions, events, that kind of stuff, then monitor the logs during a time when the rule should fire
    Depending on the outcome of the logs, try one of these:
  • Take your existing actions out of the rule and replace them with something you know should work, such as turning a light on
  • Put your actions back in and try replacing the trigger with something that you know should work

Basically just trying to identify where the issue is... Is it in the trigger not firing or the actions not working.

If you are using the Zooz Zen15 power outlet then try this driver. You can get it through HPM, so easy to install.

It makes it pretty easy to setup your rule for notifications. You set the power restrictions for different states on the driver config page. Then just trigger on the status of the device.


Oh hey that’s me! Glad you found this driver useful. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the rule image! I created a rule pretty much exactly the same and after a few minutes of the wash cycle completing, all of my google devices announced the wash was completed! Should have no issue with the dryer since its pretty much the same

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I put in the driver but afterwards I dident see the extra options under the zooz devices. I ended up using the solution proposed by ogiewon with rule machine and it works great!

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