Was Hubitat Elevation born from SmartThings?

I see lots of posts that reference a solution working with both HE and SmartThings. In some of those posts the author only mentions ST as if the two are interchangeable. For someone who is uninformed, like me, that is very confusing. I often wonder if I'm reading something that is an actual solution (since it only mentions ST), or if I'm going down a wrong path.

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I'm happy to be corrected.... but I believe that the story goes.... that an early version of Rule Machine was developed as what would be considered a Community app here on the ST platform.... And the rest is history.... And now we have mysterious black boxes in our house.... :grin:

Are you asking about Hubitat history? If so, it's a completely separate product that just happens to have been built with some code compatibility. This thread and this post explain more:

Or if you're asking why someone might only mention ST in such posts, my guess is they posted in both forums and forgot to do a find and replace after a copy and paste. :slight_smile:


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