Warning. Unsupported Device Model. Use at Your Own Risk

So they finally had some Zen 74 dimmers and I got one. First thing I noticed was it would not turn on or off from the device page using zooz zen switch advanced driver. Switching back to the system zooz zen74 S2 dimmer driver it would turn off and on from the page. Dims and turns on and off fine on the switch itself. Device model looks funny and all the parameters dont show with Jeffs driver. I compare it to my Zen73 that I have several of and no problem. Used the Device type and cleared all states when switching drivers but funny model is there on all drivers. @jtp10181 or anyone.

You are trying to use the wrong driver, ZEN74 is a dimmer, use the Zooz ZEN Dimmer Advanced driver. Run configure once you switch.


Thanks, got it.

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