Warning tone during alert delay?

I can't find a parameter for repeat while HSM is reporting alert delay. Someone help? This is all I have so far.

I looked for it and like you, can’t seem to find HSM alert as a condition for a rule…

You could always try having one rule be triggered by those triggers and set the action to be to turn on a Hub Boolean variable. Another rule could be triggered by a “Cancel” or “Disarmed” event and have that one turn off the same Boolean.

The Boolean could be used to keep a while loop going…

Not the prettiest approach, but it might give you what you’re looking for.

@bravenel, is there a reason why “HSM alert” is available as a rule trigger but not as a rule condition?

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It's an event, not a condition. Events cannot be conditions, as they are simply moments in time. You can trigger on it changed, and then the actual value is in %value%.


So then it would be:

If %value% contains delay


You would have to put %value% into a String variable (could be a local variable), and then create a condition that uses capability Variable to test that variable with the contains operator.

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