Warning log and abnormal usage of CPU by Dashboard

Hi all;

I am getting the following message:

Excluded attribute actionData size of attribute > 1024 characters

And that is from app:6 that in this case is the Hubitat Dashboard. Also the CPU usage is getting bigger and bigger and the Dashboard today passed APPs that are even more CPU consuming as WebCore or Echo-Speaks.

How can I find more info about that to try to correct on my dashboard?


It appears that you are attempting to use an attribute tile to display a value that contains greater than 1024 characters on a tile → generally an html attribute constructed by an application or driver. Should be able to look at your dashboard and quickly see on that is blank or maybe has a question mark instead of its normal display. Fix is normally to contact the developer and ask for a modification, and remove the tile while waiting.


In no way to usurp @thebearmay who is always extremely helpful - I have found that using external dashboards are not limited by the 1024 - specifically one I'm currently helping in Beta called Hubitat Android Dashboard. It's possible other dashboard products also may function without this limitation.

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In terms of the CPU usage, I don't expect the two are linked. To understand what is consuming resources, you can start by looking under the logs section for the hub. There are Run-time stats available to show you what apps and devices are consuming the most resources. From there you could move on to assessing whether you need to adjust any settings such a refresh intervals for cloud integrations, etc. You could also contact the developer / HE support for any assistance (depending on whether they are built-in apps / drivers or Community developed ones.

In terms of the 1024 / HTML limitations, I have also started storing some HTML files on the local storage to use in my drivers, that may be an option for the developer, depending on the driver / app.