Warning for power outages

Hope someone can help me,
Sometimes I have small power outages at home (sometimes less than a minute). They are the fault of the electric company.
Every time the light goes out and comes back, it turns on all the bulbs. I have put a warning every time one of the lights is on, but it does not work because there is no change of state. I don't know if there is any way to program it better or if there is a device that warns each time the light goes out, so I could turn them off manually from my mobile phone.
Thank you

A few people are using the Ring Z-wave extender to detect power outage. With this, you can set a rule to turn off your bulbs.



There is a how to on thesmartesthouse.com using a contact sensor that has external contacts to detect power outages...providing your hub is on a battery backup and it powered during the power outage.


That kit is priced well too.

I did the following to address this. I have 3 what amount to closet lights that are only on if the door is open. The door opening and closing is the trigger. So I have this rule that has a trigger when those lights comes on that then tests if all are on but the doors are all closed then the power must have gone out and so then I turn off the lights.

Kinda crude but it should work.

Only problem with smart bulb is that it won't send the status after a power outage. Well, unless you have HUE bulb on a hue bridge or some of the sengled smart bulbs I think.

All Sengleds for this.

Ring Range Extender V2 is still the best way to do this in my opinion. And cheap.


And, if you use them throughout your house, you keep your mesh up from battery endpoints like door and window sensors. Our hub, network routers, garage door, computers, server, are on battery backup. I get pushover notifications when away.

Thank you all for your help, I am sorry I was late in answering, work and children are bad combination to have free time...

I would like not to have to use more hub but it could be the only solution.

The rules with my light bulbs (IKEA tradfri) do not work, there is no change of state

The problem is the high prices of these bulbs

I also think that, but in my country (Spain) it seems that they are not sold. I will try to look for it to see if I have more luck.

Thanks to everyone for your replies.

The problem is the Z-Wave frequency. Because it has a 700 series chip, the frequency should be configurable, but I haven’t seen software that does that for this device.

It seems that they sell something similar in my country:

I don't know if it's the same version (your link is from V2 and I can't find information on the European website). So with that link you would receive a notice every time you run out of feed? Is it directly compatible with Hubitat without the need to use the Hub? I think it has backup batteries, so I imagine that when it runs out of power it will warn that the batteries have entered, right?
Thanks again

That’s the v1. V2 has a button on the front.

But HE supports both V1 and V2, right, and both can provide power-outage notification, correct?