Wanted to buy- Old C4 Hub( Resolved) Thanks to the incredible people in this community

So It appears according to support, that my backup, never opened, booted or upgraded C4-, is too old to take the new platform, and support says too much has changed to get this never booted C4 running, so I'm looking to buy a -used, running- C4, to have as a backup to my existing other C4, which supports 50% of my current setup. I want the C4 to have a hot swap capable backup.
I don't need the nortek stick, just the hub, running a semi recent platform.

Also have lots of cool devices to trade, if you'd like, so PM me if interested.
Thanks Folks

EDIT- Huge heartfelt thanks to all who reached out to help. This community is incredible. HE users are top shelf !!

Wouldn't a C-5 be able to do the same thing? I am just curious since I have a C-3 and might have to do the same thing as you one day.


PM sent

Interesting !
How to disable the internal radios on a C5, and would a C4 backup restore on a C5?

Hub shipped to Rxich!


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