Want to Panic my Zigbee devices...Disabling Zigbee radio in settings = turning off hub?

I've had some issues w/my Zigbee mesh, some devices not reporting. I've added a repeater near the devices, and want to put them in Panic mode so they can re-connect/re-route.

Usually I'd shut down my hub for 20 minutes, but family is using things and keeping Z-Wave up would be helpful for the lights/switch devices they are most likely to use. Wondering if there is any issue w/me just turning off Zigbee radio in Settings for 20 minutes and then turning it on again. I assume [eek!] that turning the Zigbee radio off and on again is reliable and won't cause any problems.

It has been posted before that disabling zigbee in the UI does not actually turn off the zigbee radio (based on sniffer logs).

Whether it turns it off enough to do a panic - I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think it does. (EDIT: I'll defer to Tony's experience. :+1:)


Though the Zigbee radio remains on, heal still works when you disable it via the UI. At least that's what I found; I posted about it here a while ago:


Thanks to both of your for the info about it not turning off the radio - never would have suspected that.

Based on your experience I'll give it a try, @Tony, and see what happens. Don't want to kill Z-Wave by turning off the hub while the wife is working in the office, in case she wants to use one of her beloved Picos to change the lights or the blinds settings...

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Do it just for the fun.

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Oh man, do you have a twisted sense of "fun." Just to note, my wife woke up to food poisoning this AM (likely culprit a chili verde burrito combo plate from last night). [urp] She went into bathroom this AM "in a hurry" and found that the light automation didn't work, so she was in the dark and couldn't turn on the light as the switch is across the room from the toilet. She was, as they say, "super not happy." So I have no wiggle room today...I'm already on probation! :wink:

I turned off Zigbee and back on again in the hub settings, and it did seem to update some routes, but the odd part was that all of the problem devices in the bedroom (two Iris vs motion, two Visonic contact) were still not reporting. Also later found that I had to unplug and then plug in again a LED strip in a closet for it to work again, either from the device page or from automations. Something really f'd up all of the devices in my master bedroom somehow.

Investigating further, all four of them had zero events since Jan 4. I had to re-pair all four devices to get them back online and reporting. Oddest part is that automations they were involved in were working (albeit inconsistently) up until today when all of them completely failed. So not sure how automations could sort of work w/out the devices reporting any events. Weird. Have to say, this is the first time I've ever had problems like this w/Zigbee devices...other than me dropping them, or simply putting them way too far away (obviously not the case as there is a contact sensor farther away in the room that has been fine), my Zigbee devices have always been rock-solid.

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Make her some pastry and bread. Hope that you didn’t cook the problematic chili verde burrito combo plate.

LOL...thank God it was from takeout and not me! :slight_smile:


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