Want to automate a switch without replacing it

Hi all,
I am looking for some ideas here I have an on/off rocker switch
it is in a hard place to reach is there a Zigbee or z-wave device that could replace the wall plate
and turn the switch on and off in hubitat

Check out the Ecolink TLS-ZWAVE5, DLS-ZWAVE5 (both Z-Wave) or the Third Reality Smart Switch (Zigbee). Verify that they work work with your kind of switch, notably toggle vs. Decora (the distinction between the two Ecolink models; I don't know as much about the other). All sit on top of an existing switch, effectively manually moving it for you.

That being said, if you're able to replace the switch, that kind of product tends to work a lot better. Smart bulbs might be another option, depending on what you want to do. Good luck!


I had no idea those existed. I find that really entertaining.

If the switch controls a light fixture, you could also just put in a smart bulb, @n9mfk9.


A SonOff loaded with Tasmota can directly replace any single pole, single throw on/off switch, and will fit into the existing box that held the switch. Just put a solid box cover on, and mount the SonOff with (very small!) sheet metal screws to the box. Now, the SonOff does not have a green ground wire, but as you are not touching it after installing it, the box grounding to the light or whatever is sufficient here.

Qubino is highly recommended. It can be install behind the switch ( assuming that you have a neutral available) and will allow you to operate the switch via Hubitat or from the switch while updating its state (i.e. ON/OFF) on the dashboard irrespective if you controlled the switch via Hubitat or directly using the switch as per normal. Also, we'll get you other nice feature such as timers, auto off and so on.

I have ten Third Reality switches, 1st & 2nd generation, in my HE setup. They work fine on paddle/Decora switches but I could not get them to work reliably on old toggle-style switches. Most are located out in the garage, which is on the periphery of my zigbee network. I use Enerloop rechargeable batteries in them and battery life is pretty good. Would recommend.

i prefer these for the look but hard to find at a reasonable price these days


for Third Reality switches do I need their hub
or can I just get the switch also what driver do you use thanks

You do not need their hub. Third Reality switches have been native to HE for a couple of years now. I have both version 1 and version 2 models and they perform well consistently --though every now and then freezing weather causes one located next to the garage door to miss a schedule or need a battery change a little early. Battery life is good (I use eneloop rechargeables or convert them to usb).

Use the Generic Zigbee Switch driver.


I have the first version I think and sometimes the on/off loses synch so I have to tell Alexa to turn off when I want the light on. You can re-synch it by holding the power button down about 15 seconds, but who has that much time? :grinning:

First version has a small metal plate on its face --supposedly for better signal reception. V2 is all plastic face.