Want a way to "Flash" lights

I have several light switched that I want to turn on/off every second. Mostly outside lights so in case of an emergency they will draw attendion to the house. I would like to trigger it from a smoke detector(s) (Zwave type) and also by a button on a dashboard. Is there anything already built for this or do I have to do it in RM?

Some drivers have the ability to 'flash' the device.
If the one you are using does, then you may be able to use this attribute in a rule.


Or maybe this app will do the trick for you.
I don't use it personally but may be worth a look.

The Leviton DZPD3 has such capability though I don't see it exposed in the driver I'm using. And it's a plug-in device so you probably want its analog in a wall switch. I know this isn't direct help but I'm tossing it in as it might spur other thoughts.

Good luck

Hmm I 'll give it a look Thanks. I thought I saw a flash in the inovelli drivers but alas I was wrong :frowning:

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Well preliminarily it looked good then not so much. I can rigger the app but You cannot configure more than one switch and even though I have it set for unlimited time to run it only flashes twice. :((

So I figured it all out and have my testing working. Now for the hard part. I want my trigger to be from any of the 3 smoke detectors that I have. How can I use them as a trigger ?

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