Wanna ask will it have delay

Hi, I am new to this community, wanna ask a suitation problem.
I wanna setup a smart home in my office,which wanna use Philips hue tap dial switch and Nanoleaf bulb, is that possible for them to pair up by using Hubitat and full function?(like double tap,triple tap and tuning button)
Moreover, I have multi group in one room, could it setup changing in instant?coz my business place a little bit like theatre and wanna changing different group of light with no delay. I used to setup with tuya,but it have terrible delay when setup with different group.
The last, wanna know which model I should buy?


I have zero Phillips hue or nano leaf experience but I see your question has sat for a day with no replies, which is rare.

Hopefully adding a comment will pop it back to the top of people’s list.

You also may want to change the title to “Phillips hue / nano leaf question”


I would use a phillips hub to connect the bulb to then integrate that into Hubitat or use a LIFX (preferred) or Nanoleaf (good but horrible customer service) bulb directly with hubitat then you can use any button controller you want. The hue tap dial will work fine directly paired to hubitat with either bulb. Now it will work best if they're in table lamps but if they are recessed then you would additionally want to get Inovelli or similar switches to maintain an always powered on state to the bulbs so they can be controlled.

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