Wall Mountable POE Tablet for Dashboards?


So if you really want to go maker crazy.. RPi + touch screen.

7" screens would be cheaper and you could also use your PI for other fun stuff.

You can also use something called FullPageOS - it's boots to a fullscreen chrome browser and thats it - no desktop.

I've used FPOS and it works really well for kiosks etc.


$125 just for the screen?!? Might as well just get a 10" tablet at that point. You're not saving anything.


Absolutely - it's just that with the RPi you can run a bunch of other stuff behind the scenes which is nice. The 7" screens are a lot cheaper of course. With FPOS you could livestream cameras in a browser tab etc.

Otherwise I too want a good cheap tablet that has some way to run in "Kiosk" mode. Note: if you go into developer mode on an android (and kindle fire) you can set an option for screen on when connected to power.