Wall Mount or replace Wink Ceiling Fan controller

I recently bought a fan that included this controller:
I went to the Home Depot web site to look for a wall bracket and came across this as a recommended co-purchase with the Wink remote:
The wall mount controller includes its own canopy receiver. Does anyone know if I can use the wall controller with the ZigBee canopy controller?

As far as I know the included canopy controller with the wall remote is not zigbee. I ended up tossing them.

By the way on this, my experience with the included wall plate is that it has very little clearance and the buttons can get stuck, which is not good as they obviously would continuously be transmitting and very quickly run the battery down. I replaced them with standard decora plates which look a bit nicer as well even if they dont perfectly match the color of the remote.

I was pretty sure the wall remotes canopy controller isn't ZigBee. I'd like to know if the wall remote will talk to the wink ZigBee canopy controller.

Best of both worlds, networked and a wall mounted remote.

The fact that they get bought together indicates they will, but that's the website analytics talking not a person. So unless I hear otherwise I'll be giving this a try sometime this month.

yes they do, just set the same code.

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Boohya! Thanks for the confirmation.

433mhz is the usual frequency for Fan remotes. The wall remote that comes with a fan or fan controller usually work on that 433mhz frequency.

The Controller, in this case has Zigbee too. (Not instead of.) Zigbee commands and/or 433mhz commands go into the same controller.

Like pushing a button or pushing the same button with a stick. Same result :slight_smile:

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