Wall mount Amazon fire 7

I just bought a rooted fire 7 5th generation and I want to wall mount it. I have everything and understand the mounting part recessed outlet etc. I’m good with that. I want it where I walk over it wakes up and no Lock Screen to just the hubitat dashboard. Then control the lights and go black when not in use. That’s the part I’m not understanding. I know I have to run a kiosk browser. Where I’m stuck is bypassing the Lock Screen. Any suggestions. I have read through some posts but they always end in a tangent that doesn’t really help. Since it’s rooted I could probably load a different version of Android but I kinda want to avoid that route unless necessary.

There are some good videos on YouTube that cover the settings needed in Fully to do what you want. All you have described can be done on an unrooted Fire tablet.

I will look at fully. Is that kinda the go to? Thanks. I have watched and read several different sites and videos all doing something different.

You want to get the Plus version of Fully. Only a few dollars and well worth it. Also enable remote admin,
It makes setting things up and tweaking easier from a desktop computer.

As others have said, no root is needed but won't do any harm. You probably ought to run Fire Toolbox as well if you haven't already and get any bloatware and junk off of the tablet, disable auto updates, etc.

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If you look carefully at the Fully web site, there are packages specifically for the Fire tablets available for download that don't require installing Google Play. I say carefully because the links are sorta hidden in a right side text box IIRC.....

I installed fully and tweaked. The only problem I’m having is the tiles are in a different order and nothing changes when I change the layout on another device. But they’re there. Also won’t auto size to the screen. But I’m just testing. Once I get everything set up it will only run 3 sets of outdoor lights so not disappointed yet. I bought the license to remove the watermark.