Wait for private boolean becomes

Would it be possible to add 'wait for condition' on private boolean changed? If this is currently possible please let me know how.

Basically the use case is something like:

  1. Rule A calls Rule B actions
  2. Wait for Rule B to complete or progress to X (private boolean becomes TRUE or FALSE)
  3. Continue running Rule A

I realize this can currently be accomplished with other methods but each of them have their own drawbacks.

  • Global variable
  • Virtual switch
  • Pause/Unpause rules

Another idea is to add a trigger condition to rule A for private Boolean. Then in Rule B set private Boolean in Rule A to wake up Rule A.

True. I actually did that at one point but that has it's own issues. If rule B is used by more than one rule or you add another rule that uses Rule B you have to edit rule B. This is what I am trying to avoid.

Private Boolean is not available as a value for other rules. What's wrong with using a Global Variable for this?

I already have a bunch of rules that use private boolean, as do many others, I would have to re-write them to use a GV. I just figured it would be easier for the target rule to report back that it finished. Since you can set the private boolean for other rules I figured you might be able to read them.

A boolean GV would accomplish the same thing but the private boolean already exists in all rules, no need to create it. The GV is basically a duplicate of something that exists already in this case.

Not supported. Feature creap.