Wait for event

Updated to .131 today. Noticed that at least two Rule Machine routine that Wait for event (motion sensor) inactive and stays that way for XX sec/min no longer works. Anyone else having this issue? Is this a bug?

Would you be able to post a screenshot of the rule?
Could you turn on the various logging options in the rule to see what they show (Triggers, Events and Actions)?


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Both rules are now working correctly. The only change made was to change the logging. Oh well. Thanks for your help.

Hmmm... This is where a screenshot of the rule would be helpful to know whether there is anything else at play....

Still,,,, Glad to hear things are working now....

One gap is that if the contact goes open, but motion is never triggered, then the wait action will never be executed.

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I actually only added the contact last night in the rule after I noticed the light didn't go off. But..., you are correct on that. I do have something that turns all the bathroom lights off when motion is not received from a motion zone within 5 minutes which will then take care of turning off Darlene WC

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Bit of a mystery to be honest.... Unless anything shows up in the logs, but I guess if it is working, probably just turn the logging off and look at it again if you have issues.