Wait for a certain time before continuing

Hi guys, I'm trying to find a "Wait" event for a certain time. How do I do this? I can work out how to wait for a certain condition for x time such as door closed for x. But I literally just want to wait for x time until the rule moves on to the next condition . Basically I want to mirror a "Delay" but want to use "wait" instead.

Any screenshots would be welcomed guys :+1:

Here you go!

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That's awesome thanks. I knew I'd seen elapsed time somewhere. Weirdly I spent 20 mins earlier and I couldn't see it. I'll check it out when I get home. Much appreciated :blush:

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Elapsed Time seems to be special in that it can't be selected as one of several events you wait for. If you're waiting for anything else as well, you just wait for the other thing(s) and set a Timeout instead. The fact that it sometimes doesn't appear in the list can make you doubt your recall. :wink:

Elapsed time IS the same as Timeout. So yes, it is only offered when it's the only/first event in Wait for Events.

Sorry I've read you post 10 times and I'm lost. Forgive me, it's my interpretation! Could you explain in a different way please. Really appreciate your time,:+1:

Wait for Event normally lets you select any of several events to complete your wait.

If you select "Wait for Event", then "Elapsed Time" is an option in the drop-down for the first event you want to wait on. But if you select Elapsed Time as the first thing to wait on, you're not given the opportunity to wait on anything else. If instead you wait on something else, like a contact sensor, Elapsed Time is no longer an option as a secondary thing to wait on.

However, Wait for X normally has a "timeout" option where it will give up on waiting after a certain time. That's equivalent to having elapsed time as one of the wait events.

Two different UI presentations for the same feature; the option is sometimes in the drop-down and sometimes not. If a user doesn't know why, I can understand that being disorienting.


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