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Need a bit of help, trying to figure out why the wait event doesn't apear to work. First part turns on the light, but then it never turns off the light no matter how long it's been without motion.

It would only trigger if the Illuminance was under 25 right when there was motion. You want the trigger to be the motion. The motion part of your IF statement can then come out.

You could also toggle on the Required Expression and make that The Illuminance being less than 25 and then the trigger being the motion. Then you don't even need the IF statement.

Also to save headaches in the future be sure to put END-IF statements with your IF statements. Not required here with just the one IF but a really good habit to get into.

Sorry, maybe I was not clear, it is turning on the light when motion is seen and lights are low/off.. It's the waiting part that doesn't turn off the light after no motion for >5 minutes.

Does the trigger play a part after the initial motion is triggered... meaning does the illuminance level matter in the wait statement?

No it will not matter in the wait event.

Trying to figure out how you are getting the Dim option you have there. I haven't seen it formatted that way. Is that Rule Machine 5.1?

Also if you do as I suggested continued motion will restart your 5 minute timer. The way it is there with lux being the trigger unless it keeps changing brightness and stays under 25 it would time out in 5 minutes even if you were running around the room.

In fact the Motion Lighting app may do what you need if there is a lux option in it. I don't have any lux sensors.

Post logs for this rule

Maybe the fact how Aqara reports illuminance is what fouls your rule.

These sensors only report illuminance when they detect motion (active). Not when they sense illuminance change, or when the sensor motion cools off (inactive).

How you have the rule written it requires motion to report <25 illuminance, but you want ir to be inactive, which will not happen.

Good to know, thank you !

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