Wafer LED lights and Lutron

I know I could look at the LED bulb compatibility tool, however I don't believe there is any actual support listed there for what I'm after....

I'm about to do a remodel of my basement with a drop ceiling, and my contractor recommended the thin wafer LEDs for the drop ceiling panels vs a traditional can. Anyone have any experience with these types of lights with Lutron Caseta and if so, what brand did you find that works with the Lutron Caseta dimmers? I'm planning on the PD5NE dimmers because I like the favorite button on the dimmers themselves for easy WAF in turning lights on to spedific levels all the time.

I got some of these, not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for.

I have 3 on one Caseta dimmer, and one plus a different LED on a different Caseta dimmer. They work OK, but they have a very subtle buzz when dimmed. It only can be heard in a perfectly quiet room, if the A/C or just people moving around the house, I don't notice it. They dim fine if you have at least a couple per dimmer. One by itself didn't dim very well, probably because it didn't hit some minimum wattage.

Mine are in drywall ceiling, but they should work fine in suspended ceiling if that is what you have. They have their own "box" so you don't need a separate can. I got these exactly 2 years ago today!

It would depend on what is supported by the transformer the LEDs use. That would determine if they are dimmable at all. I would be VERY shocked if they weren't dimmable by a standard household dimmer though, which means they would work with the Lutron you mentioned.

This is just an example of what I'm referring too...

Interesting, I just happened to be searching for wafer lighting and came across this model from Home Depot.


They have a buying guide which lists compatible drivers and the PD5NE is listed as compatible.

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