WAF on the increase

Kudos to the designers of the Dashboard. I have made an iPad dashboard that meets the wife approval. She said that it is better than ST and she has no trouble reading it. Awesome.


Any pics of the dashboard?

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This is it.


Nice. SAF is always important. GO H.E.!


Wow, looks great!

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It's very important to just put on the dashboard what is necessary for the wife to control. Less is more.


That's a pretty cool dash. I've not used dashboard myself. I don't have the need yet, but like seeing other people's creation's

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OK.. I'm guessing here April..
Spousal Approval Factor ??




Hello all, I have achieved SAF with a combination of Pico remotes and motion/contact sensors. The remotes are an easy transition from any traditional control interface (read light-switch) and the automations achieved with the sensors are also intuitive.

i ordered a pTouch to label the Picos and hope that with those labels, I can add a little more complexity tot he Pico remotes.


FAF here!

I got the parents, the hubby and kiddo growling when things don't work.


Ha! My family will sit in the dark and not use the switches due to their acceptance that the house should JUST work. lol!


I thought I was alone with that.
:rofl: :rofl:


I don’t need to worry about any wife acceptance factor.


Because I don’t have one

Think of the WAF acceptance if you updated your dashboard using the below !!


To those of you using sharptools.io, I have a couple random questions for you all. Please keep in mind that I am a total noob to both HE (Wink refugee) and to the whole customization that comes with this new ecosystem. I am a serious geek and have been in technology for over 25 years, but this is a whole new world for me, so go easy on me :rofl:.. Anyways here's my questions (and forgive me if I should be asking this somewhere else):

1. I have seen a number of people talk about sharptools.io and I was curious as to how many pay their yearly fee to use sharptools.io or just use the free

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2. do you have any security concerns when it comes to providing a 3rd party access to your HE and devices seeing as how some can be home locks, cameras, etc?

  • Yes have concerns
  • Yes had concerns at first but they were clarified once I started using Sharptools.io
  • No, never had any questions or concerns about providing Sharptools.io access to my HE hub and/or devices.

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  1. ..And the last: regarding the Weather tile, what weather service(s) can you link to? I have my own weather station setup at home and it reports to Wunderground, can a tile be setup to show this data either via Wunderground or from my Acurite hub directly?
  • Yes, it links to Wunderground
  • No, but there are plenty of other options
  • You can link it directly to Acurite hub

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thank you all for your input, I hope I didn't make you all roll your eyes too much on the elementary questions!!


Hi @steelz1 - you'd probably be more likely to get answers by starting a new thread in the SharpTools.io Community:

For a bit of background, I'm a co-founder of SharpTools.io and the lead dashboard developer. We have a healthy mix of free and paid users and are constantly adding new features! We intentionally designed the free tier to allow for people who are just getting into home automation or want to visualize a subset of their devices to have access to nice dashboards without charge - and the option of upgrading to unlock even more cool features!

We're using industry standard authentication with OAuth2 - the same type of access that you would give Alexa, Google Home, or IFTTT. This means you can pick and choose which devices you want SharpTools (or other integrations) to have access to. Hubitat is a 'cloud optional' platform, so if keeping everything completely local is important to you, then you always have the option of forgoing nice integrations like Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT, etc. Hubitat certainly does have a vocal group of local-only users, but also thousands of users who use the aforementioned integrations!

Regarding weather, as long as the device conforms to our weather standard, then you can authorize it in SharpTools and it will show up as a weather device. Alternatively, a common approach is to use Media Tiles to display the weather forecast from your favorite service. The following post has more details:

@Cobra and @Matthew have done work on weather drivers. Perhaps they're more familiar with the options you have for personal weather stations.


I maintain four weather drivers. Two require a Personal Weather Station (PWS) and that you use with Weather-Display software (required) which is used to create the data files that the driver relies upon. One of those uses DarkSky.net as the forecast source, the other uses OpenWeatherMap.com as the forecast source.
Weather-Display with Dark Sky.net Forecast Driver
Weather-Display with OpenWeatherMap Forecast Driver

The other two drivers use DarkSky and OpenWeatherMap, but do NOT require a PWS. They use those sources for all weather data.
DarkSky.net weather driver
OpenWeatherMap Weather Driver


@josh and @Matthew, thanks for the info.. i will definitely look into it, and @josh good idea.. i'll do that.. thank you..

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