[RELEASE] Weather-Display With OWM-NWS Alerts Forecast Driver


REQUIREMENTS: You MUST have a Personal Weather Station (PWS) and use Weather-Display software to capture that weather data from your network or a web server. If you do not meet this requirement then this driver will not work for you. This uses the Weather-Display data files from a webserver you specify in the driver preferences. I used waynedgrant's work to make those data files available in JSON format (GitHub - waynedgrant/json-webservice-wdlive: JSON formatted Web Service API to expose Weather Display Live data. Written in PHP.).

Weather-Display With OpenWeatherMap.org-NWS Alerts Forceast Driver

This is the initial release of my driver that changes the forecast/alert source from DarkSky.net to OpenWeatherMap.org and NWS (weather.gov). This initial release only intends to replicate the functionality of the Weather-Display With Darksky.net Forecast Driver as much as possible.

The driver has been added to the Hubitat Package Manager for installation and updates.

Please report any issues/bugs in this thread. Thanks.

OpenWeatherMap I beleive is worldwide so it should give you results from anywhere. I am not certain about the weather alerts as those come the US National Weather Server (weather.gov).

The driver does include a Luminance(Lux) calculation.

I just plugged in the coordinates for Edmonton, Canada on the National Weather Service (weather.gov) API and got 'Parameter "point" is invalid: out of bounds' message returned, so it does not look like Alerts will work outside of the US.


Iā€™m confused.

I thought this used open weather ?

The primary weather data does come from OpenWeatherMap.org (OWM). OWM does not provide alert data (like DarkSky does), so to replicate that functionality I pull alerts from the US National Weather Service (weather.gov). There is not a lot of weather alert data provided in this driver, basically just if there is an alert and if so, the alert 'Title'. If you do not require alert data, this driver should provide all the other general current and forecast weather data.

I wonder if you could pull it in via an RSS feed. Parse the date out of it.

Something like the URL below.


@Matthew, thank you for this new driver! I have it installed, replacing the DarkSky version. It seems to be working well, pulling in my station data.

However, I believe there is a bug with the station polling intervals. I currently have it set to 5 minute polling, but if I change it to 1 minute (which is what I prefer) nothing updates after that.

I took a look at the driver code and in the initialize_poll() function the option for polling the station at 1 minute interval seems to be missing...

I had identified that bug and will push an update to fix it soon. I'm finishing up some other fixes I hope to include too. Thank you.

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  • Many bug fixes
  • Check for null values on OWM data and return Zero if a number or 'Unknown' if text.
  • Fix for Alerts where the API response reports back 200 ('Okay'), but the response data value is null.
  • Fix for where the Station Poll Frequency is set to 1 minute.

Special 'Thanks!' to @CurtisZM for identifying bugs and helping with testing.


While I was researching some of this I found some of your comments on the NOAA Alert thread. Without reading all 400 posts over there .... did that app/driver find a solution for Canadian weather alerts I can look at to bring over into this driver?

No, at least I never heard anything.



  • Continue to work on improving null handling

  • various bug fixes.



  • Corrected update time on dashboard tile attributes.



  • Improved Alert handling for dashboard tiles, various bug fixes

PLEASE NOTE : after any update of the driver code, even if you use Hubitat Package Manager, you should open the virtual device, click 'Save Device', then click 'Save Preferences'.

I am a long time user of Weather Display and I'm having hard time understanding where everything.php is derived. I was not in involved in DarkSky so that may be the reason. Is it testtags with a new name? ??


First paragraph of the first post. It is waynedgrant's work. You will need to install his JSON-Webservice-wdlive as described in that link.