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The driver supports 'Button controller' application family with the following button mapping

Also I see you have a script. Driver allows to make it interactive. Script child device it self is a 'switch' that allows to start/stop your script (and can be spawned as a dashboard tile).
And scipt child device has few attributes you can alter from within shelly script: (text, numeric and one generic that also can be shown on a dashboard with any custom value).

Good afternoon, I put my case in case it is worth it to someone.

The driver is really good, but that query every 1 second consumes more hub resources than I would like.

In my case I need to measure the V of a device and let me know if it goes beyond X, I use only one of the outputs to activate a device if that happens.

So after testing the driver I realized that I can leave this job to Shelly in a configuration of if the ADC input goes from x V activate the second relay and deactivate it after 3 seconds.

Through the I/O this reaches hubitat without polling anything, and by rule, if the second relay is activated, I activate the first one for x seconds.

This way I use the native shelly switch driver and don't overload the hub.

It is a particular case, I am very grateful to all the developers, but for my specific case this has been a better solution.


you can use this model

I'm looking at measuring the discharge pressure of my pool pump using a dumb pressure sensor 0.5-4.5VDC. Saw the Shelly Uni Plus, and was wondering if it would work. Is there a driver available?
Thanks, John