Volume Knob options

I love all the automation ideas on here, but sometimes I just want something tactile to use. I would love to add a physical knob somewhere in the system (on a wall plate or a dashboard mount) that would simply turn the speaker volume up or down. I am using a Sonos system and I don't like having to adjust the volume using the app or via the little buttons on the devices when I am in a hurry, for example when the phone rings, or a particularly good song comes on.
While I understand this is a very analogue thing to add to a smart system, I just think it would make me happy,
Does anyone know of anything that I could use for this? Really looking for a knob, not buttons.

I havenโ€™t done it myself but the cube controller might be able to do it.

Some people have issues with these on there networks.


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Is IKEA a thing in your region? If so, their Symfonisk remote (US link here: SYMFONISK Sound remote, white - IKEA) is supported natively by Hubitat, and you could probably find a way to use it to adjust volume, though I'm honestly not sure if the Hubitat-provided driver would work well for that (if you change the volume from elsewhere--I think the driver wants to track it only on own, but I could be wrong).

If you're not opposed to getting an Ikea Trรฅdfri Gateway, then you could also pair the remote to that and just use it directly with Sonos that way--it would leave Hubitat out of the picture, but if all you want is Sonos volume control from a remote, it would certainly fit the bill. :slight_smile:

I'm using what you don't want: a Lutron Pico (just a cheap one, not the fancy sound-engraved ones). They work so well I just had to mention it regardless, but of course you'd need a Lutron Smart Bridge Pro (or higher-end system) to use these on Hubitat.


It's possible with the Symfonisk remote, but be warned this thing can send out garbage zigbee signals and trip other devices. I wouldn't have believed myself, but I reproduced the issue over and over until I reset it by removing and replacing the battery.

I would also suggest the Lutron controller to do it right. I don't even use the Symfonisk remote now.


What about a Lutron Aurora rotary controller? I believe it works directly with Hubitat. Would it be possible to use it as volume controller?

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Could be :man_shrugging: You might have to do the same rule machine gymnastics that I had to with the Symfonisk, but at least you would have a reliable device.

But don't they need to be mounted to a standard toggle switch so you can turn them?

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I think so. But it may be possible to rig it up as a desktop controller?

This is the closest I've seen to what I want - thanks!!!

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I'll second the Cube. If you have the right repeaters they work great. I had six OSRAM Philips Lightify bulbs, one of my first purchases, worked great for keeping Xiaomi devices on Hubitat. But I had to reset at least one of them every month. When the Community Lightify App came out and they didn't improve I replaced them with the rebranded Sylvania Philips bulbs. The bulbs work great, the cubes not so much. At $15 or $20 they're a fun expirement.

Great suggestion. I landed here looking for the same thing. Curious to know if you went ahead with the Lutron Aurora and how well is it working for volume control.

I have also looked at Nuimo Senic, but it's pricey, and not even sure if it's supported by Hubitat.

My ideal volume knob looks like the Microsoft Surface Dial, to use on a table/desk instead of mounted on a wall. I haven't been able to find any info on projects to use a Surface Dial for smart home applications, though.

That would be interesting. I've personally always hated when audio systems went to push buttons for volume. I've noticed many car systems have now returned to a digital round knob for that exact reason.

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