Vivint Thermostat seems to be setting itself?

I've been trying to figure this out but just can't track it down. We just went on vacation this past week and I checked several times on one of my dashboards and noticed that my Upstairs & Downstairs Thermostats cooling set point were always different than what I set them. When we were away I set them to 76 & 77. For some strange reason, every day when I checked, the thermostats changed to a lower temperature. I'm only going to show screenshots of the Upstairs, because I'm sure if we can figure that one out, then the same thing is happening to the downstairs one. The weird thing is that this set point change is still happening. Both Thermostats are the Vivnt Element Thermostat and I'm using the driver created by JasonJoel.

Current States


Device Info

Device Details

Device Events

(Highlighted in blue - this is where I walked upstairs and felt how cold it was, and then changed the setpoint to 75 on the thermostat itself)

(Highlighted in yellow - this is where the thermostat changed to a setpoint of 73. I did not change this.)

Few things I thought about/did while I was away:

  1. I did have the Thermostat Scheduler app installed and was using it for the Upstairs Thermostat but before we had left it was disabled. While on our trip I actually deleted the child app, and then deleted the thermostat Scheduler app.

  2. This is one of the first times my Mode has ever been in "Away" mode (I don't have anything that affects the temperature but this is one of my first thoughts), but now that we are back and Modes are changing like normal, I'm still seeing the thermostat set itself.

  3. IFTTT Integration App has been as is currently disabled, and I have no IFTTT's created.

  4. I access the Phone dashboard from my phone, and the 1 - Home Dashboard is access through a wall mounted tablet. I kind of thought that maybe while we were gone something funky happened with the dashboard, so when I got back home I restarted the tablet and reloaded the dashboard there.

I've pulled the last several hundred events to see if I can find a pattern (is there an easier way vs just copy & pasting?) and I dont see any pattern on when its setting itself to 73 degrees:

Sorry for all of the info & Thanks in advance for any help.

Anyone have any ideas? I'm still seeing my thermostats what seems to be randomly change to 73 (upstairs) and 74 (downstairs) and I have to go in and manually change them.

I'm almost thinking of setting a Rule where if it gets set to that temperature it will alert me and automatically change to what it was set to previously.

Question - what hub model do you have? I didn't notice this behavior when connected to my C-4 hub, but I do see this on my C-7. Could just be coincidence though.

No idea why it is happening, but I can confirm I see the same thing on occasion on 2 of my 4 Vivint thermostats. In my case it always changes the cooling setting to 75.

I know it is not being changed by:

  • node-red / Maker API - I I put the thermostat in its own maker api instance with logging turned on, and nothing is logged during these events.
  • Commands sent through the driver - I put massive debug logging on my copy of the driver, and it logs nothing when this happens.
  • The thermostat is not entering energy saving mode, as that logs an event - and no event is happening when this occurs.

So it is either the hub doing something wonky (less likely), or the thermostat itself doing it for reasons I can't understand (very likely).

It is hard to troubleshoot, as for me it is quite random. Sometimes will do it 3x in one night, other times not for 3-4 days.

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@JasonJoel I have a C-5.

It only started the week of the 7th and the only difference is I had never set it as low as 73 and 74 before but we had family in town and they liked it a bit cooler in the house.

I ended up putting info into Hubigraphs and every time it set to 73 was different, no rhyme or reason that I could come up with. And same as you, sometimes it was multiple times a day and others it was just once.

The other strange thing is when I turn on Debug logging, it randomly turns off.

That is how most drivers work - they auto turn off debug logging after 30 minutes.

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I did not know that, thanks.

In new versions of my drivers I make debug logging a command with options on how long before it turns off. I'll add that to this driver next time I need to modify it.

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@JasonJoel Have you ever set your cooling point below 75? You said 2 of the 4 are not having this issue. Were those 2 ever set to 75?

It almost seems like a set point gets stuck in memory somehow and the device randomly thinks to set back to that point.

Do you adjust the sensor calibration value? Another theory I'm working on is that it is a firmware bug triggered by repeated changing of the sensor calibration setting.

Yes, and those are the two that randomly change back to 75. The other two I set higher at night, and they have stayed put so far.

I would first check if any of your apps using the thermostat could be doing this by disabling them one by one to zero in on the culprit. I know you said you disabled IFTTT but in "In Use By" poriotn of the thermostat info, IFTTT is still there, I also see Echo Skill that could be doing this. I also see Maker API (I have not used this, so sorry if that can't change setpoints) that might also be the culprit.

Did you notice if the change happens at the same hour everyday, of if this is random.

Last thing to get checked by a neighbour next tiem you are on vacation, maybe some squaters are in your house and are also wondering why the thermostats keep changing to a higher setting??? :joy:

My upstairs is not adjusted at all, this is set to 0 and has never been changed. My downstairs is adjusted -2 degrees because it shows a hotter temperature than it should but I set it once I installed it and haven't changed it since.

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It is odd, that's for sure. I have node-red put the setpoint back to where it should be at night when it happens, and send me a pushover message. So I know exactly when/if it happens.

Didn't happen for the last 4 days (day or night), but happened 1x last night. :man_shrugging:

Yeah it is strange, because I installed these thermostats a month or more ago with no issues until last week (or at least I never noticed before). I plan on setting up a rule today to look for this change, change it back and send me a notification when it happens. (I don't have Node Red but pretty sure I can do it through Rule Machine)

Mine has been doing it for more than a week, so I'm not sure if there is a specific time element to it. Dunno for sure though.

I am going to try and buy one to poke on with my dev hub, but am having issues finding an other one of them on ebay.

I have a feeling I never noticed since it was probably setting to a temperature that was relatively close to what I normally set it to (I've never set it below 74 or above 76 upstairs)

But before last week I finally pushed it down to 73 which really cuts down the humidity and makes it feel even cooler.

Side note - I do know that the thermostat will change setpoint if voltage gets too low. On mine, though, it goes to 78F when on cool if the voltage blips. So I don't think that is what is happening to me.

So if you are c-wire powered, make sure you still have batteries in the thermostat (and make sure the batteries are making good contact - may have to bend the metal contacts on each end a little).

There are some reports on Vivint forums that if the zwave connection drops it can change its setpoint too. But that is inconclusive as most people complain that it missed the schedule change because it wasn't connected, not that it randomly changes to a different setpoint if disconnected.

Yes, mine are powered via c-wire and both have batteries in them. The upstairs was brand new in box and had no issues with the battery contacts, the downstairs however was pretty loose and I had to bend the contacts out a bit. My downstairs thermostat is 2 feet from my Hubitat hub but upstairs is probably 10 feet (through a floor) so there really shouldn't be any z-wave connection issues either.

Do you have a link to the Vivint forums? I haven't been able to find this link. Thanks.

This is still happening to me if not every day, every other day.

I was reading in another thread here that if you set it on the thermostat itself, it usually doesn't revert. so I guess I'll try doing that and see if it changes again.

This kind of defeats the purpose of having a smart thermostat, being able to change it remotely and having it stick. We use voice commands to change it frequently too.

I'll try to find the link again. I found it googling around.

I finally picked up another one of these (new in box). Put it on my dev hub, and it is also changing setpoints seemingly randomly. I leave it set on COOL @ 68F. Interestingly I have seen two different change behaviors, too.

I have the zwave sniffer running now to try and conclusively determine whether it is happening on the thermostat side or if the hub is doing something unexpected and changing it. Just waiting for it to happen again.

If it is on the thermostat side (which is my strong suspicion), well, I don't think there is much I can do about that. That would be disappointing. Weird though as it is still just 2 of my 4 thermostats doing it (well, and my dev thermostat too).

If it is on the hub side it could be a hub bug, driver bug, other. We'll see.