Vivint - GoControl - 2GIG Glass Break Sensor Motion Detectors Contact Sensors

I have finally stopped using my APX/Vivint alarm system and was hoping to hijack the 2GIG-GB1-345 glass break sensor for my Hubitat.

Not having any luck getting Hubitat to see it. Anybody pulled this off?

I also have motion detectors and contact sensors I may try to pair.

Are they Z-Wave or Zigbee? If not, this will not happen.

They are Z-Wave.

Are they on the compatibility list?

I'd put them in exclusion mode and then exclude them using habitat. If that works you might be able to join them. But they'll only work if they conform to regular Z-Wave standards or someone has written a driver specifically for them.

Open a log page before trying Exclusion so you can see the responses.

I'm sure you figured this out by now but 2GIG-GB1-345 is not Z-wave. They are proprietary to 2gig panels on the 345Mhz frequency.


I don't have the glass break sensors. But I successfully paired my recessed door sensors (2GIG-DW20R-345). I had to edit the device to be a Generic Z-Wave Contact Sensor.

Would this work for other vivint 2gig devices? I have an old motion sensor in would like to hijack .