Visonic mct-370

I've purchased 2 new contact sensors that show temperature
I previously tested a couple of Ecolink 4655c0-r sensors.

When I added the new zigbee Visonic mct-370 sensors, the joined, BUT show the manufacturer as Ecolink and 4655BC0-R device. I deleted the device on Hubitat, reset the Visonic MCT-170, but they still show up as Ecolink.

The mct-170 would not update it's configuration, and just time out. (using the zigbee Reporting configuration by kkossev) nor would it detect open and close.

They are most likely joining through a a Sonoff S31lite plug in switch that I'm using as a repeater.

My friend took them home and on his c-8, they joined right away with the correct manufacturer.

I then tried a similar unit (xfinity, but really a Visonic) and it joined as a Visonic MCT-150

Why would this issue happen on my C-8, and not my friends c-8?
Thank you in advance for any ideas

Maybe it's time for you to go back to the C-7?

I just installed a new xfinity contact sensor today. I have several, and they've been great. They join as Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor. Here is the Data section from the device page:

Here is a Data section from another one. Identical. I bought both together years ago, but the first one was joined on the C8 and the second one on a C7.

Have you tried it without this device in your mesh to see if it makes a different? There are rumors of these possibly being problematic on the C-8, though I'm not sure I've seen anything official.

As for the different drivers selected on inclusion, that has to be something different in the data Hubitat uses to compose the "fingerprint" to match the device with a driver, unless you have custom devices installed on one hub but not the other (which can also do it; a matching custom driver takes priority). This could happen with different firmware versions on the two devices. If the driver is a good match, it shouldn't cause a problem; if it's not, switching to the one known to work should help.

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