Visonic/MCT-340 SMA battery level reporting issue

I have 2 of these on 2 different doors. Been working well in terms of open/close events for my use for the past 2 years or so. I am using the generic zigbee contact sensor (no temperature) driver.
I can't get any battery status out of them. They report 0. I tried the generic zigbee contact sensor with temperature but that doesn't seem to get me battery status.
Any ideas on how to get them to report battery status?

Copying this is this helps out:
Current States
battery : 0
contact : closed
State Variables
lastBattery : 1648683296

Device Details
Create Time 2020-11-23 4:48:39pm PST
Last Update Time 2022-04-12 10:05:19pm PDT
Last Activity At 2022-03-31 6:01:05am PDT
Controller Type ZGB
endpointId: 01
model: E1D-G73
application: 05
manufacturer: sengled

Looks like a sengled sensor when searching for model: E1D-G73
manufacturer: sengled

yeah, i'm not sure what that means. should i use a different driver with this sensor than the generic zigbee contact sensor?

I use the most up to date release of hubitat btw. Updated yesterday for the release that just came out.
C7 hub in case it matters.

I have a ton of these (pretty much my only contact sensor) and use the generic Zigbee contact sensor with them (and it does report temps), haven't had any issues. This is what shows in the Data section:



It's weird that the detail for a sengled sensor showed up.
You don't have a sengled sensor in the system do you?
Generic ZigBee contact sensor should work for both the Visonic and sengled. Don't forget to press configure button on the Device detail page after changing the driver.

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I only have these two contact sensors. I use a bunch of motion sensors on zigbee, generally iris sensors. They work great.

How about remove the sensor from Hubitat, Reset the sensor and try pairing it again?

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Agree...something odd about how the devices joined, and they should report temp and battery w/the generic Zigbee contact sensor driver.

@par.botes - Remove and re-pair them...since they are Zigbee they will rejoin w/the same name and automations using them will continue to work after they re-join.