Visonic MCT 320 SMA (contact sensor) and Visonic MCT 550 SMA (moisture sensor)

Hello all,

Trying to add a Visonic MCT 320 SMA (contact sensor) and a Visonic MCT 550 SMA (moisture sensor) to my system but both are being recognized as multi-sensors (and often showing up as multiple sensors) and when I try to change the sensor type to generic zigbee contact and generic zigbee moisture, it's not working.

Any suggestions on how to handle? Happy to provide logs if it helps.

Thank you!

Currently only the MCT-340 is is listed as supported.

Thanks. Understood these devices aren't officially supported currently, looking to see if someone has found a way to get them working either via custom drivers or some other generic sensor profile.

These are both Xfinity devices so they might not be running stock Zigbee. They also don't appear on the Zigbee alliance website. So, odds are they are not ZHA complaint.

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After you change the driver. Don't forget to click on configure and then save.

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