Visonic contact sensor

@Hubitat folks hooked up this contact sensor yesterday. i can see some events from the device but not all of the events seem to be showing up. like a few minutes ago i tried closing and opening the door but no contact event shows up in the device event log.

are there things i could check for why this may be happening?

thank you.

Device events is not consistent but you can look at the device status while open/close the door and it’s very consistent. I have a few of these sensors and they are very reliable.


if events dont fire consistently that would explain why my rooms app doesnt seem to be working as it should. :-/

That’s a different issue. No log event but the real event should be working normal. Range issue maybe?

In my experience from the past few weeks, the Hubitat Zigbee range seems lesser than that of SmartThings. I have a of couple fixed/installed Vsonic Contact Sensors that wouldn’t pair/work properly unless I plugged in a zigbee repeater in one of the adjacent rooms.

I would suggest testing the device at close range for a while, to see if the issue persists.

nope shows open in device status when it should be closed. nothing shows up in live logs when door is opened/closed.

do repeaters distinguish between hubs or they simply repeat any zigbee events from devices in range?

Good question. Never tested that :thinking:

Repeaters only repeat the messages for the mesh they are joined to.

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how is the mesh formed … as in does the hub play a role in that?

All the devices hold hands and sing kumbaya, I believe. :wink:

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sounds like friday night :wink:

The hub is the coordinator it acts as the gatekeeper as well allowing devices to join the mesh.

A good mesh network requires repeaters to route messages to and from end devices and the coordinator. An end device can also be a repeater.

Think of a good mesh like a net the tighter the weave (repeaters) the stronger the net.

ok. thanks.

if each hub creates its own mesh that may be a reason why i am literally not seeing any contact status change events at least not live. cant pop another repeater in … i already have a bunch of repeaters around the house which are connected to the ST hub.

when is the bi-directional device sync coming? :slight_smile:

I'm having the exact same issue with this device. Just started happening a few weeks ago. However the live status on the device page does not update on "closed" status. However it is throwing "open" status when the battery cover is removed AND put back on. It's also updating temp on a refresh. IF I remove the battery and put it back in it will get the initial "closed" but never again. Highly possible the device is just going bad...but the battery door open/closed thing never did that before...I also replaced the battery...

I've had the Visonic door sensor installed for about a week now. Been working very fast....until this morning. All the sudden it dies not show or log open close status. Taking the battery out and back in again will bring the device to life for 3 or 4 open closes. Then gone again. Anyone help with this issue would be great. Thanks.

Dead battery...I've had this before.

I put a tester on it and it read 2.9v. I will get another one and test again.

I these sensors on most of my windows due to the size but battery life is the weakest link.

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