Visionic MCT-350 SMA ZigBee Door Window Sensors

Has anybody successfully used Visonic MCT-350 SMA ZigBee Door Window Sensors on Hubitat? I have used the MCT-340 sensors with good results. I didn’t see the 350’s on the Hubitat compatible list.

I've used one with no communication / functional issues. I did fine the unit I had went through a battery in a few months. Way too fast for me, especially since there is a repeater 10 Feet away.

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I have a bunch of 350s. All of them have been in service for many months and I've never changed a battery. (EDIT: Wrong, see below)

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On mine:

Original battery died (don't recall when the device was installed)
Next battery (Renta) lasted 3 months
Next battery (Renta) lasted 2 months.

I guess I could have gotten a bad batch of Renta's. I'll have to see how the Renta's perform in other devices.

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I take it back. I have changed the batteries (I went back and looked at my spreadsheet).

On one of them:

  • Device installed 5/5/2020, battery changed 4/2/2021. So ~11 months.
  • Current battery is at 62%

I typically replace my batteries when they get <40% as that is where my notification is setup, so I likely didn't run it to exhaustion.

My MCT350s eat battries like candy. Either I'm getting bad batteries, or I've got something funny setup that is draining them too quickly. Do you have the temperature sensor turned on?