Virtual Window Shade Group Control

I have a group of 6 ikea window shades I would like to be able to control as a group from the dashboard as well as a remote on the wall.

I have not been able to determine the correct set up to allow me to control all 6 at once in unison. I have had some success using a virtual switch to control the shades as a group, but since the switch doesn't get position reporting it is always out of sync.

Thanks in advance.

What exactly is the functionality you’re looking for this to have?

One of two options:
A. Ability to toggle the shades from up to down to a preset position.
B. Ability to adjust to push a button and have the shades open or close and stop when the button is released.

They’ll never stop at the same time/position since there will be a small delay between when each device receives the command.

Right now they do. I have them all setup as a single group dimmer and they work perfectly using a simple lighting rule to open and close them to a specific position at sunrise/sunset.

Now I am on the hunt for a way to control them via remote of times I want to adjust them outside of the daily open/close.

Anyone else have any experience working with Ikea shades?

I’m very interested seeing a solution for you if someone can help you. I’m trying to get around the same type of problem. But somehow I had tried a few things like, in the rule machine, I had chosen the ADJUST SHADE action, but the available actions are only OPEN, CLOSE, and SET POSITION. I think I would need a PAUSE to stop the blind if it was moving. I also tried to use the “custom action” but somehow there are no “shade” in the selection.

Let me know if you find a way...

Hey... I might be able to figure it out. I found how to create a pause for the ikea blind in a rule machine...
I use a dimmer custom action “pause” and it stops the ikea blind perfectly.
I’m going to experiment more tonight and let you know.

You can use “groups and scenes”, with “select dimmers for groups”, then select all the blinds you want.
On the dashboard you can add this group as a dimmer. They will all get to the position you selected.

Hope this is what you need

Awesome thank you that worked great! Do you have any ideas on my second question? I would like to use two buttons on a wall mote to move the shades up and down. Essentially dim up or dim down.

You want the blind to move as long as you keep your finger on it? Then you have to use the two button features: pressed and released. But that is very simple. Try it out. If you can’t figure it out, show me what you have tried and I’ll help you.

For my setup, I wanted only one button per blind. With 12 blinds, the number of buttons become more important. :wink:. So what I press (and release), the blind start moving in one direction. If I press it before it reach the end, it stops. When I press it again it moves in the other direction. This is what I wanted to achieve and I did.

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Hey @Guytas, I know this is an old conversation, but I was wondering if you could help me with the group control for the IKEA blinds. I have 3 blinds running well with the custom user driver found on the HE Community. They're working with a Pico remote that uses rule machine to run all 3, but they're listed individually in the rule, not as a group. They're also working with individual dimmer tiles on a dashboard, but I would like a single dimmer tile to run all 3. When creating a group, all 3 blinds show up in the dimmer drop down menu and a new device is created. My problem is the blinds do not move when hitting buttons on this group device page, or when manipulating the slider on a dashboard dimmer tile connected to the group. I've left the group device type as a "group bulb dimmer-2.1", but I've also tried changing the type to the custom "IKEA window blinds" driver, but neither works. I've also confirmed the dashboard has access to the new group device. What am I missing? Thanks for any help you can provide!

Hello @JoelB, actually I wasn’t successful using the group either. May be I should try again since I know more than I was when I started this. I ended up doing this

I basically have two buttons for each blind, and three buttons that sends commands to 6 of them. I have 6 blinds for the ceiling, and 6 for windows. I also have a special button where I programmed a specific height I want the windows blinds set at. This is working pretty good.

Everything else I tried was always odd. Some blinds started, others didn’t, trying to stop them, started others etc etc.

I’ll look in the group things, but if you want a button to react differently while a blind is opened, closed or moving you have to based the decision on one of them.

Actually, the group thing is working perfectly. I have set a test group. Set the group as dimmer and included 3 ikea blinds. Then I set a tile to use the device test group, and select it as a dimmer. It is working perfectly

Hey @Guytas, not sure what I did differently, but my dimmer tile tied to the group now properly runs all 3 blinds. The only outstanding problem I have now is the group status does not update. What I mean by this is, when using my voice assistant or the Pico remote to adjust the level of the group of blinds, the slider on the dashboard dimmer tile does not update to the new level. It's not a big problem, as the next time I use the dimmer tile, the shades properly adjust and then the slider is back in sequence, it's more so just an annoyance. Any suggestions?

Yes it happens...

Try pressing the geen button


It will reload the page and refresh the slider (hopefully).

Question: how do you set your pico to control the group of shades? I only see the group in the dimmer list, but there are no open or close.

Good day all,

So this seems to be exactly me...I have the group set up and it seems like the command is never relayed to the group. It was working on one group a week or so ago and now it is unresponsive. I tried deleting the group and then re-adding, but no avail. The group is pretty simple...just selecting (in my case 3 shades) and then adding the tile. Any ideas or what I should do to troubleshoot?

I'm having the same experience. The group is easy to set up, but the group dimmer fails to send a command to the devices. Did you get this working?

+1 for this issue. Mine used to work fine but recently stopped responding to all commands for shades. The logs will say "Shade XYZ is turned off" but nothing actually happens.