Virtual Thermostat

I'm not 100% sure, as I've been using my virtual stat as effectively just a storage point for a target temperature, but I think the virtual thermostat isn't working as it was a few weeks ago. I thought it used to switch between heat and off when it was in auto mode depending on the internal and set point temperatures. Now it doesnt switch whatever the temperature settings are.

I've tried again with a fresh device in case I'd screwed some settings up in my origjnal, but it still won't switch regardless of temperatures. Can anyone confirm that the virtual stat used to switch between heat and off in auto mode, I was sure it did and I don't really see the point of a virtual stat if it doesn't.

the previous virtual thermostat driver had no brains to it whatsoever.
The current one has a demo mode feature preference (off by default) that raises and then lowers the temperatures along with calling head cool ect...

Fair enough, I must be cracking up!

I would have sworn at one point I saw it switching when I adjusted the internal temp, but I was doing a lot of experimenting so maybe I had a rule that switched it.

@mike.maxwell Is there any chance of virtual stat that does switch based on its current temperature values? I'm really struggling to get a system running as it stands. If I use the setpoint temperature as the target, I can't find a way to compare that to my room temperature sensor values. The temperature compare facility in RM will only compare different temperature sensors and if you select a stat, it takes it's internal temperature value not it's current setpoint. I tried using the internal temp of the stat as the target but that needs a custom command to set for each different temperature. I just want a "if temp sensor X less than stat setpoint, switch to heat mode, else switch off" functionality.

so what needs to be done here is have the ability to select thermostat setpoint as a condition in RM, that appears to be the missing bit then right?

Yes, that is the missing piece in the jigsaw.

I should add providing it is available in the temperature compare part of RM where you can currently just have a sensor value compared to either a fixed value or another sensor's value.

Oh, yes, and the icing on the cake would be a method of setting the internal temp of a virtual stat to a value of another sensor. Then you would have a proper working virtual stat.

I see this feature has been added in 1.1.3. :+1:

Thanks very much @mike.maxwell and the team.

My heating control system is now fully working.

I am using his average temp app kindly modified for me by @Cobra to send an average of my temperature sensors to the internal temperature value of my virtual stat. I set the heating setpoint for various conditions and modes using RM and, when heat is required, another RM rule switches on an Everspring 179 relay, which will control the boiler.

EDIT. Now this thread has become live again, I should point out that the HE virtual stat does not actually switch modes based on setpoint and temperature in normal mode. Only in demo mode does is change anything.

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I'm trying to use the Virtual Thermostat but cannot get the thermostatOperatingState to change from anything but idle. When in demo mode it cycles depending on the temperature which changes by itself but when it's out of demo mode it's just sits there. What I'm I missing, I don't see anywhere in RM where I can change the thermostatOperatingState

No the standard virtual stat doesn't actually work like a stat which surprised me. I'm not sure what the point of it is really. I found a device driver for a Virtual stat that actually worked and switched between heat and idle depending on setpoint and current temoeratures. I've since modified it specifically to my requirements so it won't be much use to anyone else, but i will try and dig out the original and post it.

Thanks, would be great if you could set the demo mode to not update the temp then looks like it would work just fine

I agree. I think it should be a trivial change for the Hubitat guys to update the virtual stat to change mode like the demo version does based on setpoint and current temperatures. That would be by far the best solution.

I'm looking at my old virtual stat driver files and think I have found a version that is generic enough for you to try. As a big caveat, I am no coder - it is a cut and paste job built from an old ST driver, but it did work fine when I was running it. I will PM it too you and you can give it a try.

Thank you

On it's way, after 3 attempts to format it! I said I was no coder!!

I received it, thank you for the help and hopefully the virtual one will be one day the thermostat it should be.

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I did try to make it work directly on a specific switch as the stat turned heating on and off, but that was beyond me so I just use a RM rule to test if the mode of the stat is heating or not and then turn my boiler switch on or off accordingly.

A built in virtual stat that could take input from any number of sensors and switch a specific switch would be the perfect solution though.