Virtual Thermostat with device

I use this app with ST. I really love this because it also adds a virtual Thermostat device so it is easy to use in dashboards and the WAF i also quite important. Is it much job to convert to Hubitat?

The code is found on GitHub:

How does it differ from Virtual Thermostat that is native to Hubitat?

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This app sets a connected temp sensor as the internal thermostat temp sensor, and a virtual thermostat set point. You also select a smartplug to turn on/off depending on the realtime temp and setpoint.

If this is covered already I'm pleased :smiley:

You should be able to do that with Rule Machine. I think something like this might do what you're looking for. You can adjust the comparison to fit what you need.

Thanks! I will try this when I get the hub! :slight_smile:

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In case you're still interested ive move from ST to Hubitat this week, so I'm thinking i might recreate my Virtual Thermostat app in Hubitat


What great news! This is really the only thing making me stick with ST.

Hi Guys, just a note that i have done a small amount of work to port everything (though it didn't need much :smiley: )

you can find the code here: GitHub - eliotstocker/hubitat-virtual-thermostat: A Virtual Thermostat Device for Hubitat to combine a switch and Temperature sensor into a single device

it is also available in Hubitat Package Manager



Thanks Eliot! I actually stumbled on it via Hubitat Package Manager as I was setting up my thermostat yesterday. It's working well for me so far.

Although one thing that doesn't appear to be working is having it show up in Google Home (it adds OK but then disappears after I refresh which is similar to other devices that are not supported by Home). Not sure if it's my setup versus the driver (as I see it says Google Home should be supported). One potential problem is my thermostat is a basic on/off only (heating) and has no fan or cooling so perhaps it's getting confused by that.

Thank you. Works very well. Would it be possible to add a facility to turn the thermostat on and off via virtual switch? That way I can turn my whole heating system on and off without having to go into each β€˜stat individually.
Cheers, Andy E

Hmm, annoying!
im using Google Home Community, so didnt realise it wasnt working in the stock integration, ill take a look and see if i can work out why its not working, itll probably be something to do with some missing state variables or something


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