Virtual Thermostat - what am I missing?

Trying something a little different this year with a space heater. Sending temp updates from a sensor to a virtual thermostat. Then I have the thermostat state changes controlling on/off on the space heater via RM. When I manually update the set point up/down, the thermostat will change states as expected, but when just leaving it be, the state doesn’t seem to change. Example, In my pic, shouldn’t the operating state becoming “heating” since the temp is below the set point?

Think I answered my own question. That temperature state with the ()s doesn’t look right. Will fix in the rule that’s assigning the value. False alarm, sorry!

The virtual thermostats are the best thing since sliced bread. I have setup three and they work great. Much better setup than what I had on ST.

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Quite slick indeed. I had very consistent temperature last night delivered by a simple space heater. Pretty neat to take a "dumb" space heater and supercharge it with all the tools HE puts at our disposal.