Virtual Thermostat IR Baster

Hello, I am a long time Smartthings user and now due to all the changes they are undergoing have just moved over to Hubitat. I could not be happier with the product! I am looking for some help with this project that I am working on moving over. What I have is a Tasmota IR blaster that I am sending an HTTP Post to for my Mini Split units (Mitsubishi IR). What I have done in the past is setup webcore pistons to monitor a virtual thermostat and send the HTTP Post for each change. I am using some global varables to help with writing the code but the way I have made this takes a lot of overhead to run. What is a better way to do this?

I have a personal groovy app, MiniSplit, used with Broadlink RM Mini3s. Perhaps with modification to the issued IR command and device codes it will work with the Tasmota device.

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in webcore, you could subscribe once to coolingsetpoint changes (it could be at end of piston)

Then at the start of the piston, you could store the coolingsetpoint once to a variable

Then all these if statements could be if variable is xx)

if thermostat thermostat mode is cool
set myVar = thermostat 1 coolingsetpoint

if myVar is (xxx)
then do ...

if myVar is (yyy)

at end of piston subscribe to the coolingsetpoint changes:

if thermostat1 set point changes
(this can stay blank)

This will be more efficient because

  • you only read the thermostat cooling set point once per run (reduces driver calls).

Otherwise, the code should run very quickly on HE, likely in < 20ms (not counting the http post time)

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What driver are you using for the IR Blaster?

Withdrawn? Is there a copy somewhere else?

Take a look around post 289

Which driver is being used with your Tasmota?

I have not added the IR Blaster yet. I have been looking for a driver that will let me talk to it via HTTP instead of MQTT. I am using tazmota device manager for my lights and wall switches and that is working well but it doesn't seem to have an or blaster option.

Any reason why this would work with SmartThings but not hubitat?

Any thoughts on how to get around this? it does not like {} or {}

2020-08-14 03:14:02.684 pm warnCall to off failed: Illegal character in query at index 37:{"Vendor":"Mitsubishi_AC",%20"Power":%20"1","Mode":%20"Cool",%20"FanSpeed":%20"Auto",%20"Celsius":%20"Off",%20"Temp":%20"69"}

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