Virtual Thermostat falls asleep?

I have a simple virtual thermostat (Fireplace) that appears to go "offline" or sleep if not used for an extended(?) amount of time . This device is part of my Google Home integration and often when I say "Hey Google, set fireplace to 22" I get a Google repsonse "Sorry, Fireplace is unavailable right now". All I have to do is go to the Hubitat app and click either the up or down button on the thermostat and subsequent request from Google Home work fine. Leave the thermostat alone for several hours and it will once again become unavailable.

The Virtual Thermostat does not have any commands such as ping or refresh that I could call every n minutes. How can I keep this thermostat "awake"?

You are using the default virtual thermostat driver? I used that driver for awhile and never had that issue. I have since switched to Advanced vThemostat manager, that you can get through HPM, as it does most everything I needed without having to make my own rules. I have never seen that issue with it either. I use Alexa and not Google, so maybe that is the difference.

Yes I am and only because I can not get my CT100 working properly within Hubitat/Google integration. Google does not update the Hubitat CT100 thermostat but does work with the virtual thermostat. I just keep the CT100 "hidden" and change all its setting via the virtual thermostat.

For now I toggle the fan on/off (which is not used in my application) every 5 minutes and that seems to keep it alive. If I cant find a better solution I may end up leaving it on ST. I almost always set this thermostat via Google voice command.